A floppy disk with Steve Jobs's signature on it is auctioned for $ 84,000 - over $ 75,000 - at the RR Auction auction site. The expectation was that the floppy would yield about 7.5 thousand dollars, but the disk was sold for ten times that amount.

This is an old Macintosh floppy disk with software for the System 6 operating system. System 6 was used between 1988 and 1991 on Apple's Mac computers.

According to RR Auction, objects with the Steve Jobs signature are rare, because Jobs preferred to sign as few things as possible. The signature was placed with a thin black felt-tip pen and flared slightly. "As part of Apple's iconic Mac OS software, with Jobs's elegantly stylish little signature, this is a piece of museum-quality computer history," the auction site said.

Floppy disks, also known as floppy disks, have not been used since the beginning of this century. In 2002, for the first time, some computers were no longer supplied with a floppy reader as standard.