British company Aston Martin has unveiled its first dbx car historically in the luxury SUV category, with a price starting in the Middle East region of 848,000 dirhams, with the first deliveries to customers in The second quarter of 2020. The design of the «DPX» culminated in the long stages of research and development, where the stage of digital design began since 2015, while the actual experiences were launched in “Wales” last year, before Aston Martin finally decided Introducing its new car, marking its formal entry into the multi-purpose sports car category Matt.

The new car depends on its design on aluminum interconnected, a technology developed by "Aston Martin" in its sports cars, which makes the car's structure is lightweight and very solid, and stands at the threshold of 2245 kg. The car was also designed to allow the maximum possible interior space, without compromising the spaciousness that Aston Martin cars are famous for, not only at the front seat level, but also in providing contemporary technology mixed with handcraft, for the rear seat passengers as well.

The Aston Martin provided the Dpx three-way air suspension system with the latest 48-volt eARC system and adaptable electric dampers to provide the new sports car with high capabilities that enhance passenger comfort and comfort. The electric control system to prevent the overturning has the ability to resist the overturning of each axis at a force of 1400 N / m, which makes the driving experience closer to sports cars than to SUVs. This state-of-the-art adaptive air suspension and electric control system to prevent overturning allow maximum comfort when transporting up to five passengers with their luggage, while maintaining responsive dynamic power and interaction.

Lower the vehicle height

The car «dbx» has the advantage of increasing and decreasing the height between 45 and 50 millimeters, and the air suspension system supports the driver getting complete confidence in dealing with various types of tracks and roads, especially as this feature and systems help in the stability and dynamics of the car while driving.

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