Remote Photo Capture in Apple Watch

The iPhone camera features an important feature built into the camera app, a feature that allows the user to set the camera to take the picture after a certain time, but the timer in the application sometimes does not work properly, and here comes the role of «Apple Watch», as the user can Adjust the cadre of the image, and stand within the cadre being photographed, to click on the clock screen to take the picture at the right moment. This is done by placing the phone where you prefer the image to be taken, and then open the camera application on «Apple Watch».

The connection between the watch and the phone will be automatic, so click «Timer» to set the time to take the picture after three seconds. If you don't want to delay the moment of taking the photo, click the shoot button to take the photo right away.

Press the screen down, to choose between the lens rotation mode, i.e., use the front or rear flip lens, turn on the flash light, and other options.