On Tuesday, the hacker Mitchell van der K. claimed three years in prison in the court of Haarlem for computer breach and the distribution of private images of many victims. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) reports this on Tuesday. Van der K. is in court for stealing photos of nearly two hundred women.

Van der K. was arrested in February last year on suspicion of computer breach. The hacker appeared to have stolen photos and videos of people via online storage sites. Later, well-known people, such as vlogger Laura Ponticorvo and former hockey international Fatima Moreira de Melo, turned out to be victims of the hack.

30,000 private images of women were found on computers and telephones of the suspect. In addition, Van der K. hacked his minor niece for three years.

Van der K. was a candidate councilor for the VVD in Almere. After the news about the hacks became known, the VVD put the man out of the party.

"I was pressured"

Van der K. acknowledges in court that he has frequently hacked or tried to hack iCloud accounts. He states that he did so under the pressure that images of himself would be revealed by an unknown extortioner.

According to Saskia Belleman, court reporter at De Telegraaf , Van der K. became emotional during the court case, "because I know I have participated in something so disgusting. I find it very difficult to reconcile with who I am today. I despise my own behavior and struggle with that of course. "

“In the first place I see it as something very sick. And I have a hard time telling you why I did it ”, says Mitchell vd K. now. He is under treatment for his unhealthy interest. #hacker

Avatar AuthorSaskiaBellemanMoment of places09: 04 - 3 December 2019

The public prosecutor does not believe that Van der K. has been forced to look for the material. "From the cases that the police have investigated in detail, it appears that more than half of the accounts hacked by the suspect were of women who had no (national) fame, but who did interact with him in his work or private environment. Why an unknown remaining extortionist would have forced suspects to browse their accounts for photos and videos, is beyond me at all. "

The judge will rule on December 24.