Thanks to the Data Transfer Project, which brings together Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and other large platforms, it will now be possible to transfer data from one to the other, so as not to be locked into a single service ", explains our columnist Anicet Mbida.

This is good news for anyone who stores photos, music or files on the Internet: we will be able to easily pass from one platform to another. Facebook presented on Monday, as part of the project Data Transfer Project set up in 2017 with Google, Apple, Twitter, and Microsoft.

Everything will start with Facebook. If you were hesitant to close your account, because you have old photos blocked inside. In a few days, you will have an option to automatically transfer them to Google Photos. This will happen in the settings. There will be two, three buttons to click. But no need to download everything, then to go back to another service.

And it will only work on Google Photos?

We start with Google Photo, and as we go, we will add other services: Instagram, Apple Photo, etc. You said it will work for music too. Soon, we will be able to transfer his playlists from Spotify to Deezer, to Youtube, to Apple Music ... His files from Dropbox to iCloud, Onedrive or Google Drive.

All thanks to the "Data Transfer Project", a service gradually set up by Internet giants (Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.). They have been a bit constrained and forced by the European Commission. And that's good ! Because we will no longer be locked in a service. We can easily switch to the competition. And it starts today with Facebook photos.