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Just a minute and a half of speech has been enough for little Elsa, an 8-year-old transsexual girl from Arroyo de San Serván (Badajoz) , to send a deep message to the politicians of the Extremadura Assembly . A message that has already reached thousands of people after viralizing on social networks. A message of understanding, integration and respect.

Elsa's words were framed within the IV School Plenary against bullying by LGBTIfobia that celebrated the Extremadura chamber and that has also had the intervention of other teachers and students around bullying and LGTBIfobia.

"I am a transsexual girl, I live in Arroyo de San Serván and during the last four years I have lived a very important path, the path of my happiness. I am in the school Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, the school of my town, and there I have I was fortunate that my classmates have understood how I am from day one . However, it is still necessary to remember that I have the right to be called as I feel, "says Elsa during her speech.

But Elsa has not only told her story, she has also made a demand to the political leaders: "Of all I have to say today, the most important thing is this: ladies and gentlemen who dedicate themselves to politics continue, despite the threats , making laws that recognize that people are diverse . Above all, transsexual people have the right to be who we are. They don't allow anyone to take away your happiness. "

Elsa's intervention happens four years after her mother, Anabel Pastor participated in 2014 in the I Plenary against LGBTIphobic Bullying. "My girl has not suffered any type of harassment. I hope she can live in a world without hate," she said during her speech.

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