Of the Tesla Model 3, 3,979 copies were registered in November in the Netherlands, according to the monthly overview of the RAI Association and BOVAG. The fully electric car is on track to become the best-selling model of 2019.

Up to November this year, 17,871 units of the Tesla Model 3 have already been registered, compared to 12,565 units of the Volkswagen Polo. That car ended in November with 1,430 copies at number two. The new Renault Clio completes the top three of last month with 1,096 units.

Volkswagen was the best-selling brand in November. The German manufacturer put 4,496 new cars on license plate. The success of the Model 3 placed Tesla in second place. The third brand in the Netherlands in November was Renault.

Measured over the first eleven months of the year, car sales stood at 404,149 units, a decrease of 4.6 percent compared to the same period last year, when the counter stood at 423,688 units. For this year, BOVAG and the RAI Association are considering a total sale of around 430,000 passenger cars.

A new decrease is expected for next year. The trade associations do believe that fully electric cars will achieve a 10 percent share in sales in 2020.

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