Facebook has taken over the company behind the popular virtual reality game Beat Saber . Beat Games becomes part of Oculus Studios, confirms Facebook's VR branch Oculus Wednesday.

Beat Saber is a music game in which you have to knock down blocks with two swords. The game also remains available on non-Oculus VR glasses, including the PlayStation VR.

However, Oculus warns that it has strict rules for modding (adjusting) its games. "Our developer fashion is not intended for mods that violate the rights of third parties or contain malicious code." Many gamers use such small fan-made programs to add new music to the game. This does not always happen with the permission of the makers.

According to Facebook, next year will be a "fantastic" year for announcements and new virtual reality games. In recent years, the company has released various VR glasses under the Oculus brand name, including the Rift and the Quest.