The ANWB concludes on Wednesday based on its own research that the lighting of modern cars can dazzle oncoming traffic considerably. The association wants to discuss this with, among others, car manufacturers.

Modern cars have lighting that is often much more visible than in the past and significantly improves the driver's visibility. A disadvantage of some modern lighting, however, is that oncoming traffic is more bothered by it. According to the ANWB, one model even has a headlight that gives a bundle at a distance of 20 centimeters that is "three times as bright as a glance in the sun".

In many cases, daytime running lights are very bright and sometimes even twice as bright as low beam. It turns on automatically in most modern cars, so the ANWB recommends switching to low beam wherever possible to protect oncoming traffic. To meet this potential danger, the ANWB wants to meet with manufacturers, the government and other car unions.

What can be done about it remains to be seen. For the time being it is advisable to keep the windows clean, to use low beam in poor visibility and - where possible - to use the special anti-glare position of the interior mirror. For example, nuisance caused by bright lighting can already be partially prevented.

Some cars already have technology on board - such as matrix lighting - to limit nuisance for oncoming traffic. This can, for example, be done by dimming a part of the bundle when an oncoming car is signaled.

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