The car and motorcycle sector generated 5.1 percent more turnover in the third quarter than a year earlier, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reported Friday.

Sales of heavy-duty company cars were particularly successful, with sales growth of almost 10 percent. The sector is thanks to the increasing sales of buses.

However, according to the statistical office, the heavy commercial vehicles are not solely responsible for the positive figures: all other sub-sectors also enjoyed revenue growth.

Exactly a year earlier, business confidence in the car and motorcycle sector fell because the calculation of CO2 emissions was adjusted, which allowed motorists to pay more taxes. According to the CBS, the damage suffered is now slowly being made up.

More and more people are also joining the automotive industry. Of the 4,600 vacancies in the second quarter, there were 'only' 4,300 left. As a result, entrepreneurs saw the staff shortage decrease slightly, according to the CBS.