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The legend that we all have a double in the world seems to come true with the girl Greta Thunberg. While the Swedish climate activist crosses the Atlantic by catamaran to be present at the Climate Summit to be held in Madrid in the first days of December, the University of Washington has found in its archives an 1898 photograph of a girl with a extraordinary resemblance to the Swedish teenager.

On Twitter, people shared the photograph that shows three children drawing water from a well in Yukon territory, in Canada in 1898. And conspiracy theorists have been quick to say that there was another Greta 120 years ago or rather It's Greta in the time tunnel. A time traveler 'sent back to save us'.

His super powers (the Asperger syndrome he suffers) along with that extraordinary physical similarity have done the rest so that the networks burn and internet users have lacked time to make jokes with the 16-year-old Swedish teenager dedicated to shouting at the four winds that the leaders are losing the race of the climate crisis and the need for immediate actions.

Thunberg, which maintains its activism against climate change 24 hours a day, remains oblivious to criticism and reaffirms itself in continuing to carry its message throughout the world. The finding, from this photo from more than a century ago, has convinced the conspiranoicos that Greta is from another world and comes from beyond, because of the poured tweets .

Since becoming known worldwide for its mobilizations against climate change, Greta Thunberg has received numerous awards, the most recent the International Children's Peace Prize, for its mobilization "for a safe and sustainable future" , but precisely that exhibition in such a short time has made it the target of the groups that deny global warming and any excuse is good to criticize.

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