18 years after the death of Elodie Kulik - found half burned after being kidnapped, raped and murdered - the trial opens Thursday at the Assize Court of the Somme, Amiens. Problem, the identified author died 9 years ago. Willy Bardon, friend of Gregory Wiart, is in the box. He appears for kidnapping, forcible confinement, rape and murder.


18 after his death. Thursday, at the Assize Court of the Somme, Amiens, opens the trial of Gregory Wiart, a friend of Willy Bardon, accused of kidnapping, kidnapped, raped and murdered Elodie Kulik. The judicial epilogue of what had long been an unresolved affair.

Elodie Kulik, 24, was a young banker from Péronne (Somme). She was found half-burnt in an agricultural dump in January 2002, after being kidnapped, raped and murdered. An investigation of more than 12 years, a cold case that mobilized dozens of investigators of the gendarmerie, hundreds of auditions, thousands of DNA analyzes and a father who even proposed up to 100,000 € reward for get testimonials. This is the summary of the Kulik case.

Elodie's cries "horrible, appalling, terrifying"

The author is identified 10 years later, it is Gregory Wiard. He was found by the police in 2012 thanks to a technique of overlapping DNA by kinship, an unprecedented technique at the time. Only problem, the suspect had been dead for 9 years. On Thursday, in the box of the accused, Willy Bardon appears for kidnapping, kidnapping, rape and murder. He is a friend of Gregory Wiart.

Her voice was recognized by five of her relatives on the recording of the call to firefighters that had passed the young woman at the time of his assault. It is on this recording that the accusation is essentially based. Even if there is no other proof. That's enough to convict him according to Jacky Kulik, the victim's father: "The recording, I know him, I wanted to know what his last words were and to report the horror." There are two voices. There's also Elodie's voice, and finally the shouting, it's horrible, terrible, terrifying to listen to, she knows it's going to end badly for her, and an expert estimates that it's 87%. Bardon's voice, for me, there is no doubt. "

"I want to have it in front of me, I'm ready"

Jacky Kulik fought for years so investigators did not let go of the case. He even went so far as to offer a bonus of € 100,000 to obtain testimonials. Thursday, Jacky Kulik will face the alleged murderer of his daughter with the hope of finally having answers.

"I'm looking for the truth, I want to know exactly how it happened, I would like him to tell me at least what were the last words of my daughter, I do not know, he knows he was there. to have it in front of me, I'm ready, if it's not, I'm ready, "Jacky Kulik was delivering on the eve of the trial.

It is Willy Bardon about which the father of the victim speaks, a friend of Grégory Wiart, Elodie's rapist identified by DNA but died soon after. He claims his innocence. The only element that accuses him is his voice recognized by relatives for a few seconds recording the call of Elodie firefighters at the time of his assault.

"Recognizing someone by listening to this band is extremely difficult"

A questionable element according to his lawyer, Stéphane Daquo: "I see listening to this band and what experts say Recognize someone by listening to this tape is extremely difficult if not impossible.If we do a legal and scientific analysis the situation, it allows me to be an element that should exclude the responsibility that is his ".

As a result of the delay in the investigation and the appeals of his lawyers, Willy Bardon was released 5 years ago. Years of freedom robs Jacky Kulik who expects nothing more than a life sentence.