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The uTip platform allows creators to find more revenue than the usual platforms. UTIP

Many videographers on the Internet were tired of their addictions to the platforms. In recent years, the young french push uTip with other platforms renews the models of remuneration on the web with the Internet users thanks to the Net surfers.

The recipe that makes it possible to make millions on the Web with video content is however simple, we boast the great manitous of the World Wide Web! Just drain in its digital wake some tens of millions of followers or followers on its chain to finally touch the jackpot.

This dictatorship of the click orchestrated by online advertising advertisers has finally tired of many videographers, cartoonists, podcasts writers, and other creators of content that have deserted en masse the major platforms of the Web from YouTube to Facebook!

Find control over your monetization

Most feel cheated by the opaque compensation systems set up by the major streaming platforms? Indeed, video channels and content on which " creative no longer have control over the dissemination and monetization of their works, " said Adrien Mennillo who founded the young company uTip . This web platform collects all the content creators accounts of YouTube, Instagram and other social networks, offering Internet users several ways to directly pay the authors, according to obviously their preference.

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" On Youtube, which will make a lot of views, it will be content that will shock you and engage you. And what engages is reassembled in the algorithms. The creators at home are not always trying to make the most of the views. When we are creative on Utip, we will be shown to her community and she will react by supporting the content. You can pay a creator in three ways : make a donation either once or every month ; buy things ; watch an advertisement that will bring some money back to the creator, "explains the founder of uTip.

International development

And this system attracts more and more videographers on the platform that now plans to see further: " We are now 12,500 creators on the platform, rejoices Adrien Mennillo . We are going international at the end of the month. It was small, a year ago, it has a lot now and it will become even less in the months to come. "

But if the platform grows, it still does not allow to broadcast all kinds of content. As its charter clearly states, the platform obviously prohibits all hate content and any form of online cyberbullying. She also refuses to publish video channels of parents who misuse the image of their children to reap personal gains.