Twitter has accused British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's party of deceiving the public in the election campaign. The British government officials' press office renamed their account "CCHQPress" to "factcheckUK" during the TV debate in the election campaign between Johnson and Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn. In addition, the description and cover image were changed so that they resembled the independent fact check page. After the end of the debate on the television station ITV and after protests over the new name, the press office renamed its account to its original name.

The account published graphics supporting Johnson's statements and questioning Labor leader Corbyn during the debate.

Twitter announced, according to the BBC, in case of recurrence "decisive countermeasures" to take. Twitter has global rules that ban misleading. Any further attempt to deceive people by processing accounts - as happened during the TV duel - will have serious consequences.

The independent organization Full Fact wrote on Twitter: "It is inappropriate and misleading for the conservative press office to rename their Twitter account." This could easily be confused with fact check services like full fact or fact check.

"You can not believe a word"

The Labor Party spoke of a "laughable attempt" by the Tories to outsmart the audience. "You can not believe a word to them." Conservative leader James Cleverly, however, dismissed the charge of misleading in a BBC interview.

Recently, the conservatives had been criticized for a manipulated video. The eloquently known Labor politician Keir Starmer was seen in a clip in which he looks at the question of a TV presenter Brexit completely at a loss in the camera and silent. However, recordings of the show prove that Starmer immediately had an answer.

The British will elect a new parliament on 12 December. According to a poll conducted by opinion polling agency YouGov, the audience was divided roughly equally into who won the duel. For Johnson, who had gone into the debate as a clear favorite, this should be a disappointment.