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  • Illescas (Toledo)
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El Bohío, the dining room of Pepe Rodríguez, raises its benefits with a set of novelties in its exterior and interior appearance that definitely put it in the contemporary orbit

Anyone currently circulating in Illescas and in front of El Bohío could pass by without looking at their physiognomy. We do not exaggerate, we know some case. Its old facade, so often described as rustic and lackluster, now exhibits a refined and modern aesthetic ; the primitive dining room located on the ground floor looks impeccable whiteness; where there was a mixture of artistic objects of diverse nature there is a striking nudity; where there was a staircase there is a wall, where there was a wall there is a staircase; Window opening overlooking the kitchen ... see it to believe it. Another novelty, the great novelty, is that Diego Rodríguez is gone: his brother Pepe rules the restaurant alone. Things that happen .

Fortunately, there is something that does not change in the philosophy of the MasterChef television: «The way of understanding the cuisine of their land» remains the central motive of their work , still having the same strength and causing the same impact as always. It has a formidable team in the kitchen led by Pedro Alberca (one day we will have to recognize the work of the "kitchen seconds"), with the best of the market, masterfully executes the proposals that make up the tasting menu. In El Bohío there is no menu, there are three menus : Of the day (65 euros), which is only offered at noon from Tuesday to Friday, Season and Tasting (90 and 135 euros), available at any time of the week . It is in the third where Pepe and his team bring out their best skills and virtuosity . It consists of several snacks of a single bite, ten main dishes and two desserts.

There is fantasy in the combination of elements of snacks and innumerable nuances and a huge kitchen background in the rest . Namely: corns with caviar; olives gazpacho, herb and almond soup; pickled partridge and carabineros; classic cod omelette; Crispy cod tortilla; stew, cabbage and broth; sea ​​bass with roasted chicken juice, anise and salsify; pumpkin sausage, leek and bean broth; Kokotxa cod fillet and partridge galianos in foie gras sauce. Of course, it is essential to try the corns, so that an endless number of dishes have been consumed before . The sweet section, which Javier Pérez is responsible for, generates the best sensations (lemon and wasabi and an Asian singular). Finally, we must not fail to review the sensational wine list in seven voluminous volumes whose management is handled by the competent sommeliers José Carlos de la Fuente and Mario García.

The king of the wines

Within the creative capacity that characterizes him, he impresses the treatment that Pepe Rodríguez gives to the broths as a conductive thread and as a gustatory pleasure . That is why one of its most celebrated dishes is the pringá of the stew, cabbage and its broth, which has been modified year after year, but always moving in excellence. The broth, refined to the unspeakable, recalls flavors of yesteryear setting up a surprising reinvention of the overflowing cooked flavor and textures wrapped in a mince of meat, bacon and black pudding.

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