Spotify has released Your Daily Podcasts , a personalized playlist that makes suggestions for other podcasts based on previously listened to podcasts. The streaming service reports Tuesday.

The idea is the same as with Discover Weekly and the Daily Mix, two existing functionalities of Spotify, but with the focus on podcasts instead of music.

The Spotify algorithm analyzes your listening behavior, such as podcasts that you have listened to last and podcasts that you follow, and chooses podcasts that are best suited to that.

That can be an episode of a podcast that you are already listening to, a stand-alone episode of another podcast or a current episode of a podcast that is updated every day.

For podcasts that contain a strong narrative element, the listener will only hear the pilot episode or a trailer to avoid spoilers.

Spotify users in America, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can already use Your Daily Podcasts. When the functionality is also available in the Netherlands, the streaming service has not disclosed.