In the countryside, many people depend on the car. How can you enable them to be climate-friendly and affordable? For the series "The Mobilizers" we have looked at initiatives that try it.

If Germany wants to achieve its climate goals, transport must become more environmentally friendly. A lot is already being tried in the big cities: There are e-scooters, charging stations for electric cars and cycling is on the increase. The situation is quite different in rural areas and small towns. If there is a bus at all, then often only three times a day. Many people say: I need the car.

The bus is too complicated, the bike stays in the garage

However, examples from different places and countries show that even well-developed, low-cost public transport does not necessarily reduce the number of car trips. People seem to get used to the car too much. Also in the countryside, the bike for short distances and the e-bike for medium distances could be an option, but is still rarely brought out of the garage.

If you live in a rural area or a small town, we would like to know about you: What would have to happen to make you leave the car more often? More carpools? Better street lighting? Express buses every half hour? Better built bike paths?

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