Microsoft is going to adjust contracts for customers of cloud services "to guarantee more transparency and privacy regarding the use of data," the FD reports Monday.

The contracts are being tightened at the insistence of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. Microsoft also held discussions on this subject with the European Directorate-General for Informatics (Digit).

These agreements must make it clearer how Microsoft deals with the data that the company processes for US regulators. The company promises more transparency in this area. Microsoft says it needs access to data, "because we have to account for a number of points in the US, with aggregated data."

Governments and authorities warned of privacy risks

In November of 2018, the Ministry of Justice and Security announced that the use of certain Microsoft Office products was a risk. Customers had no control over which diagnostic data was sent to the US, which would violate privacy law.

The Dutch government's investigation revealed that many sensitive personal data were shared. Later the services were adjusted so that they did comply with the law.

Last month, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) also warned governments about Microsoft products and services. According to the privacy watchdog, government institutions of European member states may not comply with privacy legislation if they use the services.