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Ana Obregón was one of the most commented signings of MasterChef Celebrity 4 , but it seems she does not maintain a good relationship with the La 1 program team. The actress has granted an interview in which she charges against the contest and reveals that she was threatened with a complaint.

The star of Ana and the seven spoke with Jaleos on Friday, November 15, during an event in Madrid to give visibility to lung cancer. There he told why he was not in the presentation of the new edition of MasterChef Celebrity at the Vitoria FesTVal in early September: "When my son was hospitalized, admitted, I had to have been in Vitoria at the festival, but I could not, like is logic". She was the only absent contestant that day.

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The presenter indicates in the interview that the health of her son "is a private matter" and told the organization of the format that he could not attend: " By contract he was not obliged . He did not have to specify. It was a very hard time." But the matter did not stop there, she says: " I received a burofax threatening to report me if I did not go to Vitoria. I am not angry with them because I have no strength. The little energy I have is to support my son."

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Does not watch the show

Ana Obregón says that she has not seen MasterChef Celebrity , nor its edition nor the previous ones: " I had never seen it and less when I have done it. I fight to fry the croquette better than not. I fight for my son to heal from Cancer". The interpreter believed that his broadcast had already come to an end: "I think it's over now, right?"

However, he does receive news of what has been seen of her on television through Instagram : "Everyone writes to me and they tell me that they have been angry with me, but when they are taught with a mother who is having such a bad time, who they look bad they are ... I will always be a lady . " At another time he says: "I know what my friends tell me that they have been cruel to me . Worse for them."

Your passage through MasterChef

Ana Obregón was the first expelled from MasterChef Celebrity 4 . He left the contest after having friction with some of his teammates in the team test, in which he was captain and during which Vicky Martín Berrocal accused his partner of doing nothing.

The applicant had a second chance , as she managed to become the repechant of the edition. Unfortunately it did not last long in the kitchens in his new attempt, since it was eliminated again a week after his return.

Obregón hung the apron again in a delivery in which he met what had been his public enemy for years, Antonia Dell'Atte . The two hugged each other, but the MasterChef Celebrity 3 finalist took advantage of her return to release some scathing comments: " Ana has come here thinking that this is a catwalk."

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