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Rosalia sends a "Vox fuck" - "Fuck Vox" - in networks that rumble in the middle of the world and Vox does not cut a hair and responds. The war between artist and political party is already open.

If this Monday it was the Catalan artist who published on Twitter a brief, but resounding, "fuck Vox" , this morning it was Vox who responded with one of the phrases that has been protagonist during his campaign and, especially, during the debate between the Five candidates: "Only millionaires can afford to have no country . "

The difference is that on this occasion the formation of Santiago Abascal has made an addition to the phrase of Ramiro Ledesma Ramos , founder of the JONS and the Spanish Falange: "Only millionaires, with private airplanes like you , can afford to not having a homeland, "says the tweet published by Vox in response to Rosalía, who is accompanied by the image of the artist on her plane on her way to Las Vegas.

Although Rosalía's tweet surprised many and generated all kinds of reactions, the truth is that the singer has already expressed in an interview with EL MUNDO that she worries about politics. " I worry about everything that happens around me and politics is one more part , but at the same time I feel that being a musician is very demanding, it requires me many hours and my opinion is not more important than that of any other," he said. journalist Pablo Gil.

The tweet has received more than 194,000 likes and more than 64.00 retweets since I published it this Monday. Among others, he has received the response of Adriana Lastra , deputy secretary general of the PSOE, who has responded with a 'tra tra', alluding to the song Malamente , which made the Catalan famous, and has even been retweeted by Carles Puigdemont , among many others.

For its part, the Vox tweet responding to the Catalan artist has obtained in less than an hour since it was published 1,700 retweets and 3,500 likes, in addition to many other reactions criticizing Rosalia .

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