By updating the YouTube service terms and conditions, owners of smaller YouTube channels are concerned about the continued existence of their channel. A rule has been added in the terms and conditions about closing accounts if they do not generate enough income.

The new terms and conditions that will take effect on December 10 state that YouTube may close an account if this account is no longer "commercially viable." As a result, small channels have the idea that if they don't earn enough through ads with their YouTube videos, their account will close.

YouTube responded via Twitter to the fuss that occurred at YouTubers, which in some cases are financially dependent on the revenue from their channel. In the response, YouTube writes that no new rules have been added to the conditions, but that only some rules have been rewritten for readability.

@MaracleMan To clarify, there are no new rights in our ToS to terminate an account bc it's not making money. As before, we may discontinue certain YouTube features or parts of the service, for ex., If they are outdated or have low usage. This does not impact creators / viewers in any new ways.

Avatar AuthorTeamYouTubeMoment of places19: 35 - 11 November 2019

YouTube emphasizes that makers do not have to worry that their account will be closed. The rule is primarily intended for accounts that are dated or hardly used, the platform writes.

The relationship between YouTubers and the video platform has been at odds for some time. In August YouTube received criticism that the rules of the platform would not apply to popular channels.