Sunday night, in Oberhoffen-sur-Moder, a 40-year-old woman was killed by her husband, 58 years old. Stella, the daughter of the victim, recounts the circumstances of the tragedy and accuses the gendarmes of not having acted enough to prevent this 131st feminicide since the beginning of the year.


It is an unbearable number, but that never stops to increase. Sunday evening, a 40-year-old woman was killed by her husband in Oberhoffen-sur-Moder, near Haguenau, in the Bas-Rhin, which is the 131st feminicide since the beginning of the year. Stella, the girl of the victim, delivers to Europe 1 a chilling account of the last moments lived by her mother.

"He had an empty look, a killer look"

"I was called by my mother, who called me at 11 pm to ask for help, because he had hidden a knife again," says the young woman. "It was not the first time, the gendarmes knew about it, they never did anything, I arrived, we climbed the gate, we tried to break the door to get in. We saw him. the last stab on my neck, my mother still had the courage to get up and come to the yard before collapsing. "

And while his wife was dying, his killer acted almost as if nothing had happened. "We were a fortnight in the yard, the neighbors helped us, while he was right next door, armed, he stayed inside, in the house, he uncapped his beer and drank," he says. stella. "He took the time to wash his hands, do a little housework and drink a drink, he had the empty look, the killer look, he did not care about it."

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The gendarmes again intervened on Friday night. They took my mother back on the couch to go to bed and 'Good night ma'am'

This drama is also a drama of alcoholism. "He drank from morning till night, and when there was alcohol, there were blows, my mother lived this for three or four years without ever talking about it, until this year when I told her said she had no choice, "says Stella, who accuses the authorities. "She talked about it, she went to the gendarmerie, she put down some handrails, she lodged a complaint, the gendarmes came in again on Friday evening, and they took my mother back to the couch so she could go to bed. 'Good night ma'am' And today, there is no more 'good night ma'am' ".

The situation of this couple was known. The family knew, the friends knew, the neighbors knew, the gendarmes also knew. Before their last visit on Friday night, in this house and in this courtyard where traces of blood are still visible, the gendarmes had already intervened less than a week ago, already for violence.

And that night - and it's going to echo what's being discussed right now in the Grenelle Violence Against Women - they suggested this woman leave. But, said her daughter, my mother thought she was at home. She refused.