Twitter may not prohibit all politically tinted advertisements on the platform. Insiders report to Buzzfeed News that political advertising is permitted under certain conditions.

Twitter spoke with advertisers last week about the new conditions regarding the prohibition of political advertisements. In the conversations, Twitter employees would have nuanced the total ban on political advertisements.

Only advertisements that promote a specific candidate or policy are not allowed. An advertisement to draw attention to, for example, climate change should be allowed.

Twitter plans to announce the new rules later in November. The rules must take effect from November 22. Before that time, it must be clear what the rules for political advertisements are.

Twitter director Jack Dorsey announced in October that Twitter is going to ban all political advertisements worldwide. According to Dorsey, political messages are imposed on people by the advertisements. He does not want Twitter to be used for this and he believes that politicians themselves should deserve the attention of voters on the platform.

Twitter already announced an exception when the ban was announced. Advertisements may be purchased during elections to encourage people to vote.