Since the first of July, electric cars must make a minimum of noise to avoid surprise pedestrians. As a result, the builders become creative and now offer custom engine sounds. This is what explains our journalist Anicet Mbida.

To avoid surprise pedestrians, it is now mandatory that electric cars make a minimum of noise. And it was to be expected, as the law does not oblige cars to make a sound in particular, manufacturers offer custom engine noises. It becomes a cacophony, as with mobile phone ringtones, says Anicet Mbida.

The latest electric 4x4 presented by Chevrolet can therefore make the sound of a good old V8 pollutant! It is even possible to choose a V12, something even more beastly.

And it's mandatory? There is no silent option?

If, fortunately. Moreover, we must remember that the law requires to emit a sound only in reverse and below 20 km / h. Beyond that, it is estimated that with the noise of tires on the road, it is no longer necessary.

But as the sound of the engine is also the personality of the car, the builders have hired musicians to compose the melody of their engines. On Renault's Zoe, for example, it sounds like a Zen massage parlor, and at Jaguar, flying saucer noises.

But can we change them?

No. Until now, we had no choice. But Tesla has just announced that there will soon be a whole catalog of engine noises or horns on its cars. With, for example, sounds of goats, wind and even ... of horse shoe in reference to Monty Pythons.