The action group XS4ALL Moet Blijven presented a new internet provider: Freedom Internet. The provider wants to distinguish itself in terms of privacy, security and quality from the existing competition.

Freedom Internet wants to offer internet, television and telephony from the first quarter of 2020. The internet connections will be offered via ADSL and fiber optic.

The new internet provider arose from dissatisfaction with KPN's decision to make the XS4ALL brand name disappear. According to the action group, XS4ALL has a history of social involvement that offers added value over what KPN and other providers do.

XS4ALL has in the past fought for certain social positions. For example, the provider voluntarily intervened in a conflict between Stichting BREIN and Ziggo when the former wanted to enforce through the courts that the provider would have to make the torrent site The Pirate Bay inaccessible.

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Bits of Freedom lends domain name to Freedom Internet

The Bits of Freedom campaign group, committed to digital civil rights, makes its domain name available to Freedom Internet under certain conditions. The foundation already gives donors an email address that ends with @

Freedom Internet gives customers the option to choose an email address with their own domain name, or to take a @ address from Bits of Freedom. In this way they want to prevent customers from being "held hostage" with an email address that is linked to the provider.

Bits of Freedom can unilaterally decide that Freedom Internet may no longer use the domain name. The foundation can do that if, according to the organization, Freedom Internet does not keep its promises in the field of privacy and freedom.