The police have taken action this year against about two hundred rogue webshops so far, reports Gijs van der Linden of the National Internet Security Scam of the police on Saturday in the radio broadcast of Radar .

These are websites that offer products, but never deliver them after a payment. Victims who try to get their money back are bothered as much as possible at these types of websites to get it done.

To combat the web shops, the police asked the company that manages the server on behalf of the rogue website to take the website offline. The police are also trying to prevent criminals from making money through their sites in another way.

"We have (over the past year, ed.) Focused more on the genuine rogue web stores," says Van der Linden. "These are web shops that really make hundreds of victims."

Traditionally, the number of bad web stores is increasing in the last months of the year, because criminals try to make a move around the holidays. In 2018 and 2017, the police took action about four hundred times against rogue web shops. A year earlier the police did that 35 times.