To the familiar 'Yes',' No '' Do not know / No answer "they can add a fourth option in Chile since this week when they are asked a question ..." Take a run. "And all by work and grace of the mayor of Providencia (northeast of the city of Santiago de Chile).

Evelyn Matthei took to the streets last Thursday to check the damage after the protests of the previous day, according to local press reports, and ended up directing traffic in person, including a yellow vest, because the traffic lights had been broken. A group of journalists took the opportunity to approach her to ask her some questions, but after answering just a few minutes she set foot in dusty as if it were 'Forrest Gump'.

Her reaction was televised and the subject of memes on social networks, which she did not hesitate to share with humor and even set it as the main tweet.

In the video it is heard that journalists overlap with the questions. One of them tells him that a neighbor questioned that she directed the traffic. "Always Chilevisión, always CNN giving everything to the negative," she replied. And immediately he runs to the general confusion.

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