Google's new Pixel iPod 2 wireless headset has performed less than expected in front of its main competitors, notably the AirPods from Apple and the Samsung GalaxyPods from South Korea, but overall they have ensured themselves. An acceptable position among the top 10 most powerful wireless headphones in the market, it came in seventh in light weight, second in the size of the carrying case, and sixth in battery life, and fourth in price, making weight weight the most important weaknesses in front of the «Apple» and «Samsung».

The results emerged in a comparative analysis by analysts at, a technology specialist, following the official launch last month, and concluded that these results ensure competition among the top, but do not achieve the top, and that the strongest weapons in the competition that Achieves full compatibility with the Android operating system, similar to what AirPod has achieved with the iOS operating system.

Weight results

The second generation Apple AirPod came in first place in terms of weight by 0.14 oz per headset, then Samsung Galaxy iPod headphones in second place with a weight of 0.2 oz per headset, and «Jabard Vista» in third place with a weight of 0.21 oz. Google Pixel iPod 2 was in seventh place with 0.25 oz per headset.

Carrying case

Apple AirPod came in first place in terms of size and dimensions of the charging bag dimensions (1.7 × 0.84 × 2.1) inches, while «Google Pixel iPod 2» came in second place (2.6 × 2.6 × 1.1) inches, and « Samsung Galaxy iPod »in third place with dimensions (1.5 × 2.8 × 1) inches.

Battery Results

The PowerBeats Pro is the number one battery for nine hours and 24 hours of battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy iPod came in fifth place with six working hours and 13 hours in the carrying case.

Google Pixel Pod 2 came in sixth with five hours and 24 hours in the carrying case, and the Apple AirPod was seventh with five hours and 24 hours in the carrying case.

Price results

Amazon and Samsung Galaxy Pods came in first place in terms of price, because they offered the lowest price of $ 129.99, while the Gera headset came in second place at $ 169.99.

Google Bicycle iPod 2 came in fourth place at $ 179, but is not yet available for sale. The market is set to arrive in early 2020. Apple AirPods are in fifth place at $ 199.99.

Competitive areas

In addition to the previous evaluation criteria, there are other areas of competition for the new Google headset, especially the design, convenience and comfort when placed in the outer cavity of the ear, which is more important for users than the sound quality, and the importance of this factor is that a lot of Wireless earbuds can sometimes fall off the ear, and you need to reinstall the ear in order to be comfortable and stable.

In an official blog post launch, Google said it had scanned the ears of tens of thousands of consumers around the world to find the most convenient and convenient design for as many users as possible. In practice on a large scale, after reaching the hands of consumers next January.

Special feature

Google has a special comparative advantage with regard to the performance of its headset, which is that the manufacturer of the headset and the operating system «Android» on which mobile phones working with them, and this situation is a «special weapon», which can be used by the company to achieve a level of full compatibility Between the headset and Android smartphones, which gives it a strong position in the market, as is the case between the headset «AirPod» and «iPhone» phones running «iOS».