Every Harry Potter fan has the dream of touring the magical settings where his favorite characters lived so many adventures. Places like Diagon Alley , The Burrow or the monumental Hogwarts unleash the imagination of readers and visiting the places where the film was filmed has become a tourist business.

One of the last possibilities is the house of Godric Hollow where the protagonist of the saga was born and lived his first years before Lord Voldemort murdered his parents but failed in the attempt to do the same with Harry Potter , starting the saga .

The house that was used to film the scenes in the Harry Potter movie and the Deathly Hallows: part 1 is available for rent at the Airbnb company. The building is called De Vere House and is located in the medieval English town of Lavenham that served as the setting for the town where Harry was born, including its streets and the cemetery where his parents' graves are.

Harry Potter and Hermione walk in front of the house. | EM

De Vere House is a five-star establishment available for rent for £ 110 per night (about 128 euros) and it is mandatory on booking that the rental be at least two nights. Nor do they accept gold galleons, by the way.

The house includes room for two people, private bathroom of the room, living room with fireplace and garden. However, children , pets or people with mobility problems are not allowed due to the age and the architectural design of the building.

However, it does offer television and WiFi, inventions more typical of the Muggle world, as well as an English breakfast.

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