After "various serious and concordant elements", the suspect was put under examination for "murder with premeditation" and "destruction of the good of others by dangerous means", announced Thursday the public prosecutor of Senlis.

Killed and burned at 15 when she was "presumably" pregnant: a 17-year-old miner was indicted Thursday night and imprisoned for the murder of a teenager with whom he had sex, found dead Sunday in Creil, in the Oise.

The body of the victim, of Mauritian origin, was found calcined Sunday by young people from his neighborhood in the rubble of a burned garden shed, on which the firefighters had intervened Friday night. Following initial findings and after receiving "concordant" testimony, the investigators arrested the suspect on Wednesday at his mother's home. Belonging on the floor to the "relational environment of the victim", he was described by at least one of the witnesses as an ex-boyfriend or lover.

In custody, the suspect denied any involvement in the facts

While in custody, "this boy has either disputed any involvement in the facts, or exercised his right to remain silent (...) He acknowledged having rubbed the girl in August, having spoken two days with her and once laid with her without protection, "Senlis public prosecutor Jean-Baptiste Bladier said Thursday afternoon at a press conference. According to the statements of the mis en cause, "it is he who ended this relationship", the girl continues to "continue" with "assiduity", said the magistrate. The suspect says "never went to the shed".

But at the request of the prosecutor's office, after "various serious and concordant elements", he was indicted for "murder with premeditation" and "destruction of the property of others by dangerous means," said the prosecutor in a statement Thursday night. Presented to a judge of liberties and detention, he was detained at the Liancourt Prison until the adversarial debate, which he asked for postponement and which will take place on November 5, he said.

Burn marks on the suspect's ankle

Three testimonies in particular caught the attention of the investigators. One of them, an "acquaintance" of the suspect, said that he had collected the "precise confidences" of the young man as early as Friday night, which told him "to have killed his girlfriend because she was pregnant". "The person allegedly confided (...) premeditated his act, have administered several stab wounds to the victim and set fire to the body with a flammable substance," said Jean-Baptiste Bladier. The mother of this witness "confirmed, like his son, have noted the presence of significant traces of blood on the shoes of the suspect," crossed over the weekend.

Another witness finally saw Friday "a man and a woman" enter the shed. He then recognized the suspect from several photographs.

During the hearings, the mis en cause's statements were "rather confusing" and sometimes "contradictory" with those of his parents, in particular "when it came to specifying the place where he had spent the night" on Friday. still indicated Jean-Baptiste Bladier. The investigators also noted "recent burn marks" on a young man's ankle, suspicious "phone data" or the "latest searches" carried out on the internet by the suspect, including the keywords "murder" and "murder". seated ".

A positive pregnancy test in the victim's room

Declared missing on Saturday by her family, who had posted on the internet a notice of research, the girl aged 15 had left in her room, according to her brother, a "positive pregnancy test". If it is "not scientifically established definitively" that the young woman was well pregnant, this "seems to be the case" given the first findings of the medical examiner, said the prosecutor Senlis, indicating that analyzes were in progress and could last "several weeks".

According to the results of the autopsy, the teenager is "dead before the fire" and her death is "very likely following (...) two stab wounds, administered at the level of the navel and the liver", testifying according to the prosecutor of a "will to kill".