BTS concert is being held at Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul. Not only was the performance sold out, but it was a festival from the early hours to the surrounding area.

Reporter Han So-hee went to the scene.


A line long enough to see the end.

After a long wait, the audience entering the hall looks up at the bracelet with a bright look.

The main stadium for the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul, where the last round of the BTS World Tour concert will be held, has been crowded all day.

[Lee Hye Won / Gwangju Nam-gu: I think it would be much more fun than the concert I went to, and I wanted to go there. I want to see you as soon as possible.]

[Bianan Jing / Chinese audience: BTS is a big part of my life. Because it's my big dream… .]

44,000 tickets were sold out early, with fans gathered from all over the world to watch the three-day show.

There is also a festival scene outside the venue.

People wearing sunflower decorations don't have time to share their souvenirs and take pictures with doll members of BTS members.

The stadium was also full of fans.

[Noh Kyung-kyung / Gyeonggi Ansan-si: (without the ticket) There are fans and other kinds of goods. .]

UNICEF, who is working with BTS, plans to embroider Jamsil skyscrapers in purple, the symbolic color of BTS during the concert.

The high-speed rail seats from Suseo to Busan are doubled to help fans from the provinces return home.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, Video editing: Park Ji-in)