Microsoft dragged the Pentagon's JEDI contract, worth $ 10 billion (more than € 8 billion), in on Saturday. The software company will provide at least 2029 cloud computer services for the US Department of Defense, several US media write.

For a long time it was expected that Amazon would win the billions of euros contract, because of the agreement that it concluded earlier with the American intelligence service CIA. Bloomberg writes that Microsoft is preferred by the American president Donald Trump, who is in a mess with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

The businessman also manages The Washington Post. According to Trump, the American newspaper treats him "unfairly".

An Amazon spokesperson told the news agency that the company was "amazed" by the news because it was "the clear leader in cloud computing services." A source reports to Bloomberg that the company is investigating legal action against the decision.

With the deal, the Pentagon is expected to take major steps in the field of artificial intelligence. The cloud also needs to secure large amounts of secret data and be able to quickly distribute information to military personnel.