Former President Park Chung Hee's 40th anniversary was held at Cemetery in Seoul, Korea.

The ceremony was hosted by the National Association for the Revival, and was attended by former daughter Park Geun-ryeong, chairman of the Yuk Young Foundation, spouse Shin Dong-wook, and former Prime Minister Chung Hong-won.
Political figures were also present, including Hwang Gyo-an, the Liberal Korean Party's representative, Na Kyong-won, President of the Republic of Korea, Kim Jin-tae, Lee Heon-seung, Chung Tae-ok, Jeon Hee-kyung, Kim Hyun-a, and the Republican Party's Cho Won-jin and Hong Mun-jong.
Chairman Chung Jae-ho, chairman of the National Association for Retirement, said, “President Park Chung-hee laid the foundation of modernization and solidified the framework.” ".

Former Governor Kim Moon-soo said, "Your beloved daughter and my younger brother, Park Geun-hye, was impeached and arrested for witch hunting under the candlelight revolution, and was sentenced to 32 years in prison and is now in the hospital." I will save you. "
Independent Chun Ion-ju said, “I think of the leader who stood at the forefront and led the leader. I am very sorry about the reality of our nation today, which is a nation that divides and retreats.” Political forces don't show the public a blueprint for the future. ”
After the memorial service was over, he listened to the recording of the former President Park Chung-hee's Charter for the National Education Charter, followed the performances and choruses, firing guns, silence, survivors, and offering and incense.

Former President Park Geun-hye supporters attended the ceremony and shouted or booed "betrayal" and shouted "representatives" to the representative of Hwang Gyo-an.

It did not prevent Hwang from attending the memorial service.

The Republican Party held a separate rally in front of the Memorial Tower before the Memorial.

(Photo = Yonhap News)