A former lawmaker, Chung Bong-ju, accused of innocence and other charges of accusations of false reports of sexual harassment was found innocent at first.

The 21st Criminal Agreement of the Seoul Central District Court (Deputy Judge Kim Mi-ri) was acquitted of innocence, violation of the Public Election Act, and defamation at the trial of former lawmaker Chung Bong-ju.

The court said, "There is no evidence to admit to the incident," he said. "It also seems to have been trying to confirm his behavior on the day of the incident."

The court said, "The accused is not willing to admit each crime in this case." It is hard to see that there is. "

The prosecution previously sentenced Chung to 10 months in prison for innocent charges and a fine of 2 million won for alleged violations of the Public Election Act and defamation charges.

Internet media Fresian reported that in early March last year, former lawmakers were sexually harassed by trying to forcibly kiss A, who was an aspiring journalist, at a hotel on December 23, 2011.

Mr. Chung later held a press conference and said, "I haven't seen the victim in the hotel. I haven't been molested. The article is a public fraud, a red lie to discourage me."

Then he retracted his claim as soon as the card usage that was paid at the hotel appeared.

The prosecution concluded that former lawmakers undermined the reporter's reputation for allegations and spread false facts in order to win the Seoul mayor's election.

He also reported that he was falsely accused of accusing two Fresian journalists of false publicity under the Public Election Act.

However, even at the time of prosecution, the prosecution did not conclude the substance of allegations of sexual harassment.

Chung has insisted on innocence, saying, "There is no proof of sexual harassment other than the victim's statement, and even if there are some adverse circumstances, it is hard to be found guilty without reasonable doubt."

(Photo = Yonhap News)