Cho's five-year-old nephew Jo Mo, 36, a key figure in allegations surrounding private equity funds invested by the family of the former attorney general, said on the 25th that Professor Cho's crimes were overwritten by Professor Chung Kyung-sim. Refuted the captain head-on.

Attorney Cho said in a meeting with his reporters after Cho's first trial, he said, "They said they were innocent of sins and they overwrote their sins.

"There is talk about distribution of responsibility, such as which of the accomplices is greater, Professor Chung Kyung-sim is trying to overwrite Mr. Cho without innocence (different from distribution of responsibility)," he said. "I don't want to fight the professor. I didn't think it was limitless when I started to argue."

He said, "There is no part of our prosecution that the former Minister of the Republic of Korea or Professor Chung has indicated that he is an accomplice."

"There is no contact or sympathy with Professor Chung," he said. "When I prepared for the hearing before the prosecution investigation, I talked about the fund, so I prepared it, but there was no contact after that." .

He said, "I anticipated that Professor Chung would drive Mr. Cho from the beginning," he said. "I believe there will be no one on our side, and what kind of evidence will you destroy in this situation?"

Mr. Cho said that Mr. Cho acknowledged some of the charges in the interrogation of the suspect before arrest, "There is no clear logic on how much to admit and what to deal with." Please accept that there are parts that you don't admit. "

Chung reportedly accused Chung of being accused of being accused of accusations, including embezzlement of $ 7 billion, in a warrant examination conducted on Wednesday.

The prosecution is investigating Professor Chung and Mr. Cho as an accomplice to embezzlement of stolen funds.

On the other hand, the 24th Seoul Central District Court's Criminal Consensus (Deputy Judge So Byeong-seok) denied the date of preparation for the first trial, including embezzlement under Cho's aggravated punishment law.

Mr. Cho says the prosecution has refused to provide some investigation records and has not yet received any investigation records that he has decided to provide, saying it is difficult to comment on the evidence worker (acknowledgment or denial) or the fact of the crime.

(Photo = Yonhap News)