Google announced the first large game studio of Google Stages Games and Entertainment on Thursday, but it will take a while before we can play a large Google game through Stages itself. That says the head of the game studio, Jade Raymond, in an interview with .

The first large game from Stadio will take a while: "It can take several years before we have a large new game that makes good use of the cloud," says Raymond. The top woman does expect new content from the studio before that time.

Google announced the new game service in March and already announced that the tech giant is also going to develop games itself. Google Stadia will be available in the Netherlands on November 19, but for now only games from other parties can be played via the service, such as Destiny 2 from developer Bungie.

With the opening of the new studio in Montreal, Google seems to want to speed up the development of its own games. The intention is for the studio to make games that can be played exclusively through Stadia.

Raymond says this is the first of several Google Stadium game studios. The intention is that the company will develop several large games especially for Stadia.

According to Raymond, more is possible on Google Stages than on other platforms, because the calculations for running games go through the cloud. The games that Google is going to make are therefore not limited by the game computers that people have at home, says Raymond in the interview.

As an example, Raymond mentions MMOs (massively online multiplayer), where many more players must be able to play together simultaneously via Google's systems.

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