Mr. Lee's eldest son, 29, the eldest son of CJ Group Chairman Lee Jae-hyun, who was accused of smoking variant hemp and smuggling it into the country, was sentenced to jail for a prison sentence.

The 12-year-old Criminal Justice of the Incheon District Law (Senior Judge Song Hyun-kyung) sentenced Lee to four years of imprisonment for three years in prison on charges of violating the law on drug administration.

Earlier, the prosecution sentenced Mr. Lee to five years in jail on July 7th.

Mr. Lee was charged with smuggling over 180 variant hemp oil cartridges and candy-jelly-type hemp from Incheon International Airport on April 1, 55:55.

When he was caught by customs authorities, his suitcase contained 20 hemp oil cartridges, a backpack on his shoulder (hiding 37 hemp candies and 130 jelly-type hemp) and three hemp smokers.

He was also accused of smoking six hemp oil cartridges in Los Angeles (LA) for five months from early April to August 30 this year.

Mr. Lee joined CJ CheilJedang in 2013 as the eldest son of Chairman Lee. He worked as head of the bio business team at CJ CheilJedang and moved to Food Strategic Planning in May.