The deputy judge of the Seoul Central District Court Song Kyung-ho (49, the 28th Judicial Research and Training Institute), who issued a warrant of arrest for Professor Chung Kyung-Sim, Dongyang University, the wife of the former Attorney General, decided whether to issue a warrant according to the law and said there was no 'jumping judgment'. The judge who receives the.

On July 24, Mr. Song issued a warrant of arrest to Professor Chung, saying, "A large part of the alleged crime is called out, there is concern that the evidence may be destroyed in the light of the investigation."

Judge Song, a native of Jeju, graduated from the Judaebu Department of Education and Seoul National University Law School, and began her life as a judge in Daegu District Law in 2002.

Since then, he has served as a judge of the Seoul High Court, Judge of the Supreme Court, and Deputy Judge of Suwon District Law. Prior to that, he served as the Deputy Chief Judge in Suwon District Law.

In the Seoul Central District Court, he has been in charge of warrants since the beginning of this year.

In the case of Mr. Song's issuance and dismissal, a general assessment of the legal profession is that there is no particular trend.

On Thursday, he issued a warrant for a police officer, Yun Mo, 49, who was called the `` police chief. ''

Yoon was a former senior minister at the Blue House, while former Minister Cho was a senior executive at the Blue House.

A conservative warrant was also issued by Kim Sang-jin, 49, a conservative proponent who broadcasted intimidation in front of the House of Attorney General Yoon Seok-yeol (at the time, Seoul Central District Attorney's Office).

In April, he dismissed a warrant for his former representative, Aekyung, who was accused of selling a humidifier disinfectant containing harmful ingredients.

There are no trends in the cases of dismissal and issuance of arrest warrants related to 'destruction of evidence', one of Professor Chung's main charges.

In May, Judge Song dismissed a warrant for arrest of Samsung Biologics, Kim Tae-han, who was accused of destroying evidence.

The reason for the dismissal was that "the evidence of the destruction of evidence, the process of concealment, and the position of President Kim has a debate about whether or not the evidence destruction teacher can establish a joint punishment."

Samsung and Vice President Kim and Park, who were allegedly charged, issued a warrant for arrest.

Prior to this, Park Chul, a vice president of SK Chemicals, who was accused of concealing the harmful data on the humidifier disinfectant, issued a warrant, saying, "The criminal charges are evident and there is a risk of evidence destruction."