The response of the participants, who had been arrested on the 24th at the courthouse of the former Attorney General Chung Kyung-sim (57), who was arrested on the 24th, was holding the detention prostitution rally late at night and waiting for the result of the warrant.

When the news of the arrest warrant was issued at 0:18 on the same day, the National Citizens 'Solidarity (“Citizens' Solidarity”), which was holding a rally in support of Professor Chung, responded furiously.

Some participants were overwhelmed with tears and screams.

Citizens' Solidarity said, "It's not guilty. Redemption remains," he said. "Let the prosecution and the rotten judiciary hold the candle to the end so as not to make jokes."

They even shouted slogans with swear words to the judiciary.

Participants, who were seated in the 100m section by four cars in front of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors, marched to the front door of the Seoul Central District Court, shouting at 0:50.

When police arrived at the front door of the courtyard, they stayed and continued the meeting.

Earlier, they held the Candlelight Festival at 9 pm the day, calling for the dismissal of the warrant for Professor Chung.

Along with the candles, they picked up slogans such as 'returning samurai' and 'protecting the motherland' and shouted slogans such as 'Professor Chung Kyung-sim' and 'Reform the prosecution'.

Roh Jeong-Ryeol, a broadcaster who was in charge of the society, said, "Chief Minister Cho has been reforming prosecutors for over 70 years."

"The prosecution has made real-time investigations on the presumption of innocence and prohibition of suspected infringement against former President Cho and Professor Chung." Still, the prosecution raised suspicions and did not present a fact. "I will never go beyond the false powers and false incitements of the media that dominated us for the next 70 years."

The Citizens' Solidarity called for prosecution reform in Seocho-dong and Yeouido every Saturday and held a rally to support Cho.

The weekly rally was not scheduled, but the prosecution filed an emergency candlelight rally after prosecutors requested a warrant for his arrest.

Conservative groups, who held meetings nearby, welcomed the warrant.

Liberal solidarity, anti-Korean solidarity solidarity and free citizens in action shouted that we were victorious after hearing that Chung was arrested.

After that, he cried out several times, saying, "Retain the former minister."

Earlier in the day, the group held a rally calling for Professor Chung's arrest on a road near the Seoul Central District Court.

Lee Hee-bum, president of the Free Solidarity at the rally, said, "If you look at the 11 charges listed in the arrest warrant, you will be left with one charge. You don't need to reconsider whether or not you have a restraint." Please judge according to the law and conscience. "

Hyung-Kyu Lee, the representative of Daejeon High School, said, "The professor is an accomplice with his fatherland."