The prosecution counterfeited that the prosecution's chairman, Yoo Si-min, was false on YouTube's insistence that the prosecution's insistence on the investigation of the former Attorney General's family began in an internal manner from the beginning of August, before the nomination of the candidate.

The Supreme Prosecutors' Office said in a press release that the allegations that Yoo made on YouTube yesterday were false.

The prosecution repeats this claim even though the prosecution has made many false reports through press releases and state auditor testimony.

The prosecutor said, "Yu claimed that the prosecutor general was deceived by his subordinates, but the prosecutor general made clear that he was investigating the case under the command of the president in accordance with the law." Stop it. "

Earlier, President Yoo was informed yesterday (22) that his prosecution general had inadequate opinions with the Blue House before the nomination of his country's secretary and requested an interview. "

The prosecutor's office explained that Mr. Yoo's claim that the investigation into former brother Cho is a separate case is not true.

A prosecution official said, "The investigation on Cho's brother was interviewed by an official in the media on August 22, during the Justice Ministerial Candidate's Personnel Hearing, and a complaint was filed shortly after that. "There's no room for a case."

(Photo = Yonhap News)