Professor Chung Kyung-shim, the wife of the former Attorney General, is present in court and under arrest. Let's connect the court to find out more.

Ahn Sang-woo, are you under arrest warrant screening?


Yes, Chung Kyung-Sim, professor at Dongyang University, attended the Seoul Central District Court around 10:10 today.

It's the first official appearance since the investigation began.

[Professor Chung Kyung-Shim / Dongyang University: (I stood in front of the people, please tell me your heart.)

The prosecution filed 11 charges on his daughter's entrance exam allegations, including private equity funds, and allegations to destroy evidence.

The warrant is being conducted at the hearing of Deputy Judge Song Kyung-ho. Professor Chung's lawyers consisted of five or six lawyers including Kim Chi-Jun and attorneys.

The charges are high and the two sides are vigorously arguing, so the judging will continue until the afternoon.


What will be the key issue for warrant screening today?


Yes, Professor Jung's health is expected to be the biggest variable.

As a result, prosecutors and lawyers are expected to make a thorough workshop on the health of Professor Chung.

Professor Chung's cerebral infarction and brain tumor diagnoses received by the prosecutor's team did not include the name of the doctor and the name of the medical institution.

Accordingly, the prosecution asked several other doctors to read it and determined that the symptoms he was suffering from were not a medical condition requiring immediate surgery.

The lawyers say they cannot tell the media in detail about Chung's health.

The issue is whether the court will accept the logic of Chung's nephew's nephew's necessity, including whether to issue a arrest warrant.