Kim Dong-ki, former president of Dongbu Group, accused of sexual assault and sexual assault, has returned from the United States two years and three months ago. Police arrested former Kim, who arrived at Incheon International Airport, to investigate.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung reports.


Former Dongbu Group Chairman Kim Joon-ki will leave Incheon Airport with police officers waiting.

[Kim Joon-ki / Former Dongbu Group Chairman: I'm very sorry and sorry that my case has caused controversy in society. (President, are you saying you admit it?) I will reveal the truth during the investigation. I do not admit.]

Kim left Korea New York on a flight to Korea yesterday afternoon in Korea time and returned home two years and three months later.

Kim, who was accused of two charges for sex crimes, left for the United States in July 2017 to treat the disease and has not responded to the investigation.

In September of the same year, Kim's secretary was accused of "harmful harassment," and in July, the woman's son, who suffered another injury, filed a petition on the Blue House bulletin board.

For one year from February 2016, his mother, who worked as a domestic helper at Kim's villa, was asked to punish President Kim for being sexually assaulted and molested many times.

[A / Kim Former Chairman Kasai Helper: I was just pushing and screaming. Don't touch my body.]

Kim has denied the charges, calling it "agreeable sex."

Earlier, police invalidated former President Kim's passport, redeemed Interpol's red wanted, and sent both cases to prosecution on suspension of prosecution.