Detained Professor Jeong Kyung-Sim has raised her health problems during the investigation. Recently, he has provided evidence that he is suffering from a brain tumor and cerebral infarction, but the court seems to have determined that Chung's condition is not impossible.

I am Lee Hyun-jung.


Professor Chung Kyung-sim, who has been complaining about health issues since the early days of the prosecution's investigation, said at the end of the investigation, he "has brain tumors and cerebral infarction."

However, the controversy overwhelmed the prosecution with proof of missing doctor and hospital names.

Since then, prosecutors who have received MRI and other data filed a warrant for arrest, saying, "It is not possible to disclose it but it has been objectively verified."

Chung was also reported to have complained about health problems yesterday (23).

At the end of the jury, I wore an eye patch on my right eye, unlike when I went in.

Nevertheless, it appears that the court has accepted the prosecution's opinion that Chung is still in prison.

Rather, it is analyzed that Chung was concerned about destroying evidence.

When Kim Kyung-rok, an asset manager, tried to replace the hard disks in his home and school, he saw that there is a possibility that Chung could destroy the evidence.

Kim said he delivered a laptop, etc. from his car to Professor Chung at a hotel in Yeouido last month.

But the prosecution still hasn't got it.

In addition, although the charges have been substantiated and the sins are not light, Professor Chung's denial of them all seems to have affected.