The government issued strong recommendations to stop using liquid e-cigarettes. Do not use until you have determined that there is no risk of causing severe lung damage.

I am Nam Joo-hyun.


Park Sung-hoo, the health and welfare minister, said today (23) that he will hold a briefing at the Seoul government office and stop using liquid e-cigarettes.

In particular, young people warned that they should stop using it immediately.

[Park, Aung-Hoo / Ministry of Health and Welfare: We strongly recommend discontinuing use until the causal relationship between the use of liquid e-cigarettes and lung damage is clarified.]

Health authorities, who recommended refraining from use last month, have taken more strenuous measures in the United States, and there have been cases of lung injury deaths in the United States.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has decided to expand the definition to include tobacco and tobacco extracts and nicotine products, which were classified only as products made from tobacco leaves.

In addition, cigarette manufacturers and importers are obliged to submit information on ingredients and additives contained in cigarettes and cigarette smoke, and to prohibit the addition of fragrance-flavored substances that encourage youth smoking.

However, the government's action is limited to passing legislation pending in the National Assembly.

There are also criticisms that the government's action was only a recommendation for deprecation and failed to take a more powerful action.