Wild boar continues to appear in the city in autumn. Yesterday (22), a wild boar appeared in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, and broke through the double tempered glass and rushed into the mart.

Reporter Jung Joon-ho


A wild boar rushes across the crosswalk in one instant.

The wild boar smashed two layers of tempered glass, entered the mart, and entered the escalator. As if you're embarrassed, you'll run back the way you came.

Yesterday around 4:20 pm, a wild boar came to a grocery store in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. Even if a wild boar ran to the side, it could rush into the store, causing casualties.

[Lee Joo-eon / Mart: I thought the car came in. But as soon as I ran, I saw only the pigs running away. The beast is about to break the tempered glass, but everyone feels anxious.]

Even 10 minutes later, I almost met the students with the middle school closing time next to the supermarket 200m.

More than 20 people, including police, fire and catchers, searched for an hour and a half, but could not find the boar in question.

The wild boar is estimated to have fled to nearby Yasan, and it can run at 35km / h and it is not easy to catch the sense of smell and hearing.

[Lee Seung-yong / Wildlife Management Association, Seoul branch president: Screaming and siren sound when the pig runs away. If you run away, we will be gone when our fools go away.]

The Songpa-gu office in Seoul mobilized more than 20 people yesterday, including eight lobes, but failed to catch them.

Post-mortem captures have limitations and require preemptive responses, such as attracting food near the habitat or using catch nets.

(Video coverage: Park Dong-ryul · Installation ring, Video editing: Lee Seung-jin)