As Professor Chung Kyung-Shim was detained in jail, the prosecution broke down the controversy overkill and secured justification for the investigation. The prosecution's investigation is now aimed directly at the former attorney general.

Reporter Park Sang-jin.


At least four of the eleven charges against Professor Chung Kyung-Sim seem to have involved the former minister of the country.

The Seoul National University Law School Human Rights Law Center issued an internship certificate to Cho's children in connection with the misrepresentation of the official document and the interruption of official execution, which came from Cho's home computer.

It is also possible that Cho was involved in allegations of counterfeit teachers and concealment teachers.

Asset manager Kim Kyung-rok told the prosecution that when he went to replace Professor Chung Kyung-shim's home computer hard disk, former Secretary Cho was at home and knew what he was doing.

Mr. Cho also received a report on the management of private equity funds with a so-called blind clause that was not drafted and presented it at a press conference last month.

Also, yesterday (23rd), the warrant was disclosed that Professor Chung was transferred to Professor Chung from the account of former Secretary of State Cho, who was former President Chung Jung at the time of purchasing 120,000 shares of WFM shares under his undisclosed information. It was sent.

Former Secretary Cho has claimed that the prosecution's investigation has been irrelevant and that he has never bought WFM shares on SBS yesterday.

But with the detention of Chung, former prosecutors' investigation into the allegations raised earlier seems inevitable.