An elderly dementia in his 80's was assaulted by a club at a nursing home in Cheongju, Chungbuk. The old man was severely injured, with a bloody bruise all over his body. This sanitarium was run by the pastor, and the abuser was his wife.

Reporter CJB Jung Jin-gyu reported.


Cheongju is an elderly care institution. The chief is arguing with 85-year-old A, a dementia patient.

Suddenly, a woman with a stick appears and begins to hit A's thigh.

Surprised by the chief, the assault is not stopped.

He even sticks to Mr. A's face several times.

Mr. A complains of bleeding, but the assault continues.

Eventually, Mr. A suffered severe injuries and bloody tears.

The reason for this assault was that an 85-year-old demented old man was not listening.

The perpetrator was the wife of the pastor, who was the chief engineer.

[Damaged Senior Family: (Instructor) Because he is a religionist, he is a pastor and we trust a lot. I say thank you often. ]

An official from a nursing agency explained, "A has been deviating from his past by making fun of another resident."

[Senior institution official: It was a mistake. It's a really big mistake, a very sorry mistake, and I'm so sorry for an indelible wound. ]

Police and senior citizens' agencies check for other assaults in the nursing homes, and consider applying for elder abuse.