Chung Kyung-Shim, a professor at Dongyang University, the wife of the former Attorney General, attended the court to attend the interrogation before the arrest.

Deputy Chief Judge Song Kyung-ho, the Seoul Central District Court, will examine Professor Jeong's warrant on that day.

Arriving at the Seoul Central District Court at about 10:10 am, Chung quickly responded to the media's questions such as, “I was at the first photo line, but do you want to tell the people?”

Earlier this morning, the two central anti-corruption prosecutors at Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office (Kim Gong-gon, prosecutor) filed a warrant for arrest on November 21 with a total of 11 crimes.

Five charges, including allegations of counterfeiting or falsely issued citations under the name of the president of Dongyang University, for use in the graduate school entrance exam for his daughter Jo Mo. , Four charges of embezzlement were applied.

Evidence forgery teachers and evidence concealment teachers were charged with acts that resulted in the removal of PC hard disks from Dongyang University and their homes.

Chung's lawyer denies the charges entirely.

Allegations that private equity funds have accused Mr. Chung of his five-year-old nephew's nephew, Cho Beom-dong, overshadowed Mr. Chung.

The daughter's entrance exam also states that her internship and evaluation will be addressed in a future trial.

In Chung's detention screening, a serious workshop on the state of health is expected, regardless of whether or not a crime is established.

Chung recently submitted medical records to prove the diagnosis of brain tumors and cerebral infarctions, but the prosecution found Professor Chung's health to be able to withstand arrest and subsequent procedures.

The difference between the lawyers and the prosecutor's office is obvious, so there is a good chance that the warrant will last until late afternoon.

As the political wave is big and controversial, and health variables add up, the court may decide whether to issue a warrant by the early morning of the 24th of midnight.

Court warrants are expected to have a significant impact on the investigation.

If a warrant is issued, the investigation will be resilient, leading to a quick investigation by the former minister, and, if rejected, could lead to a virtual closing process.

If the court decides that Chung's charges have been called to some degree, he will issue a warrant for the prosecution.

On the other hand, if the warrant is dismissed, the criticism of the prosecution's 'investigation' will be raised again, and it may raise the responsibility of prosecutor general Yoon Seok-yeol.

You can check the video on the SBS News, the actual screening attendance of Professor Jeong Kyung-sim's warrant.

(Video coverage: Ju Yong-jin, Hong Jong-soo, Video editing: Eun-kyung Lee)