When you change your seat, the view changes. However, sometimes the scenery you see changes even when you are in the same place. When people who look at themselves move their positions, the landscape they see also changes.

Those who argued for the arrest of Yoon Seok-yeol after the investigation of the former secretary of his homeland took the lead in defending Yoon Seok-yeol only a few months ago. Prosecutor-General Candidates Those who responded to the newstap that reported suspicion of lying by candidate Seok-Yeol at the time of the hearing were now criticized and criticized by Yoon Seok-Yeol and critics.

Not just ordinary citizens. A ruling party lawmaker, who was at the forefront of Yoon Seok-yul's cover during the personnel hearing, is now at the forefront of criticism. He does not hesitate to talk about common sense and protects his former homeland family and criticizes the prosecution. It's a dramatic change in just a few months. Is this change because the prosecution has changed, or is it because the people's views of the prosecution have changed?

● Reestablishment of standard that country brought about

In the course of our homeland, the standards of our society's values ​​are being redefined. The tacit agreement of society that senior officials or candidates for senior officials should apologize and leave their seats in the face of 'legal injustice' has changed in such a way that even if the charges are not confirmed, even if the criminal charges are confirmed.
Many people were angry and frustrated by seeming injustice at the time of the Ewha Women's University entrance exam allegation. The illegality was not confirmed, but criticism was high enough that fairness was undermined.

However, there is a story about whether legal injustice is illegal during the homeland situation and whether it is correct to inject a large amount of investigative power into the entrance examination. From people who criticized Jeong Yu-ra and Choi Soon-sil a few years ago.

Just a few months ago, those who cheered for the prosecution's investigation of the former president, the so-called red-capped forces and the chaebol, now define the prosecution as 'red blood.' A few months ago, they were acclaimed, but now they are almost identical people. Did they change in just a few months, or did people's views of them change?

● Is it right then is it wrong now?

The same is true of the evaluation of the press. Citizens who applauded the NGO and the press, which sometimes had unreasonable reports during the investigation of the NGOs, are now refusing to raise legitimate suspicions. The people who scoured the trash cans and scrutinized the interviews of various people are pointing fingers at reporters who were interviewing food deliverymen.

Many citizens, Youtube journalists, and similar journalists have criticized the key references and suspects for not interviewing them and carrying enough of them. The opinion of our side became the standard of thinking without cross-checking whether the interviewer's statement is true and whether it is appropriate to separate opinions and facts and report on facts. According to these arguments and criticisms, the arguments of Choi Soon-sil and former President Park Geun-hye at the time of the National Agricultural Farm incident should have been reported without confirmation or filtration, but they have not heard such claims.

Of course, the press cannot blame the reader. There are media outlets that are enthusiastic about changing the situation and criticizing self-criticism and others. Some journalists and some journalists, who had been struggling to cover the prosecution just a few months ago, are now changing their faces because they have had a problem with the prosecution news since the past. People are losing their shame in a situation where social standards are redefining social standards.

● 'Consistency' to be a premise of reform

The prosecution and prosecution reform came to the fore in the face of the former minister of the country. The irony of the 1998 World Cup was the irony of Deja Vu, which led to domestic professional football, but the reform should be done at any time.

It is necessary to disperse the prosecutor's authority with both hands on the right of investigation and prosecution. If the powers are decentralized and checked against each other, the prosecution's convenience of power will be reduced. If the portal-centered domestic news distribution structure changes, the media's excessive breaking news and sensational competition will be reduced. If the direction and content of the reform are correct, the reform is correct at any time.

But whether it is a prosecution reform or a media reform, there is something to be premised. It's consistent. The consistency of people's views on the subjects of reform, and the consistency of the assessment of the operation of the subjects of reform. Does this lack of consistency create a situation where reform is always needed in our society? Is the reason that 'reform' has emerged as a major topic by changing the camp because of the dual standards that have lost consistency, and the standards that were generous on the other side and harsh on the other side.

● If 'public establishment' is the answer to prosecution reform

Now, between politics and some citizens, the establishment of airspace is discussed as the answer to prosecution reform. The debate is centered around the government and ruling party, which wrote the prosecution's special investigation just a year ago, and the citizens who spoke to 'protecting the motherland' are responding.

In terms of distributing prosecution authority, setting up airspace can be meaningful. It is also meaningful to discuss who will be the target of the charges and how the head of karate will decide. However, in order for the agency to function properly as a solution to prosecution reform, consistency in the assessment of its operation must be ensured.
If the prosecution, which was enthusiastically cheered like the recent homeland situation, was placed on our side as a target for reform, the same situation could be repeated when the airspace stationed our camp. If the coherence of the view of the airspace and the coherence of the evaluation are not secured, it is inevitable that the airspace, which is the answer to the prosecution reform, will be subject to reform again. The current slogan of 'prosecutor reform' may one day become 'airborne reform.'

The same is true of media reform. The media reforms are enthralled by the enthusiasm for reporting to others and blaming them when they are on our side. If the evaluation of the media's coverage of journalism and article writing practices depends on their political advantage, the media will not change.

There can be no reform for anyone. There is only reform for all. Reforms for our part, reforms aimed at one another, are surrounded by the envelope of reforms and are no different from political action. If it is in favor of the other and against our side, but the content is correct, the reform should be done at the best time to save the momentum of reform even if it is harmful to our side and benefits to the other side. Where is the reform debate now?

(Photo = Yonhap News)