Chung Kyung-Shim, the wife of the former Attorney General, is in court today (23) and is under arrest warrant. Whatever the court's conclusion, the wave seems to be big. Let's connect the court.

By Ahn Sang-woo (Yes, it is in the Seoul Central District Court) Is the arrest warrant still pending for Professor Jung?


Yes, the arrest warrant for Professor Chung Kyung-Sim at Dongyang University begins at 11:00 am and has been in progress for six hours.

Since the investigation began about 10:10 am, Chung has officially made his first appearance.

[Professor Chung Kyung-Shim / Dongyang University: (I stood in front of the people, please tell me your heart.)

The prosecution applied 11 charges, including allegations of daughter's entrance exam, private equity, and extinction.

The review, which began at 11:00 am, was found to have dealt with allegations related to entrance exam corruption until 1:20 pm.

After a short break, it was reported that from 2:10 pm, he was fighting allegations regarding private equity and allegations of extinction of evidence.


What will be the key issue for warrant screening today?


Yes, Professor Jung's health is expected to be the biggest variable.

As a result, prosecutors and lawyers are expected to face fierce battles against Chung's health status, regardless of whether he or she is charged with a crime.

Medical records, such as Chung's cerebral infarction and brain tumor diagnoses, received by the prosecutor's lawyers, were not included in the doctor's name and the name of the medical institution.

Accordingly, the prosecution asked several other doctors to read it and determined that the symptoms he was suffering from were not a medical condition requiring immediate surgery.

The lawyers say they cannot tell the media in detail about Chung's health.

The issue is whether the court will accept the logic of Chung's nephew's nephew's necessity, including whether to issue a arrest warrant.